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Rajkot update news link-Aadhaar-with-voter-list | Aadhaar voter link online | how to link aadhar with voter id online. In this page you will read complete information about linking Aadhar card and Voter ID card. Before knowing the steps to link Aadhaar and Voter Card, let us remove some important information and questions arising in the minds of people. Why was this new rule or bill passed? Do you need to do this or not? So definitely read this Rajkot update news till the end. Rajkot Update News Link Aadhaar With Voter List.

Why is it necessary to link Aadhar and Voter Card? Let us tell you that after considering a proposal proposed by the Election Commission in the Union Cabinet, which is based on Aadhaar card and voter card linking, this proposal has been approved. In which the linking of Aadhar card and Voter ID card was allowed for the purpose of making electoral reforms. Rajkot Update News Link Aadhaar With Voter List

Is it mandatory to link Aadhar card and voter card? – No ! Till now the linking of Aadhar card with voter ID has been kept voluntary as per the provisions of the Bill. Of course, it is up to you to do it. If a person does not have Aadhaar, then he cannot be denied to enroll his name in the voter list.

Rajkot Update News Link-Aadhaar-With-Voter-List Highlights

There is an online portal for Voter ID from where any user whose account is here. He can go and link his Aadhar card directly online, his voter card and here Rajkot News Updates will get all the necessary information of Aadhar link from here, in which step by step guide in an easy way with video guide told about linking it. Is.

National Voter Portal Service where the voter card of the whole country is listed. It is updated by visiting its official website Voterportal.eci.gov.in. For this you have mobile, internet and registered phone number, then from here you can change it immediately. You will get complete information about Rajkot update from here

high authority National voter service portal
article category Aadhaar voter link online
linking medium Online mode and SMS mode
official website nvsp.in

Rajkot Update News Link-Aadhaar-With-Voter-List

Now another question may also be coming in your mind that was it necessary to pass this bill? It is an important and understandable issue. There are many people who live in two or three different places. In such a situation, 2 to 3 voter ID cards are made with them. Which are misused during the election period. To improve all these electoral aspects, this bill was passed.

One can link Aadhar card with voter ID by following these steps mentioned by Rajkot Update News. With this, if someone has to update and save a fake ID, then it is immediately known from the Aadhar card that which is the original ID of the person? A video guide will also be available for this, so that you can get instant and live information.

How to link aadhar card with voter id Aadhaar Voter Link Online

Documents Required to Link Aadhar Voter Card

1. android mobile
2. Internet
3. Aadhar card
4. Voter ID Card
5. Mobile number
6. E mail ID

3 ways to link aadhar and voter

1 Link to online website
2 Link via SMS in your own mobile
3 Get linked at the nearest Common Service Center

Aadhar and voter card link by going to online website. Rajkot Update News Link Aadhaar With Voter List

Step 1- First of all go to the official site

first go to google voterportal.eci.gov.in type. Open the first number site in the result.

Aadhar card Voter ID Link

Step 2- Click on Create an Account

After going to the voter portal, you have to create your account. It’s very easy. For this, enter your email id and send OTP by entering mobile number. On receiving the OTP, enter it and now create your password.

Note- While creating the password, keep in mind that the first letter will be in capital, with which you will have to create a password of at least 6 digits by adding some digits and special characters. For example – Nitra12@

Step 3- Login after creating the account

Now after the account is created, you have to login. After setting the password you will see the login button below. Now you have to login and enter your same password which you had set.

Step 4- Go to the section on Feed Aadhaar

After login to your created account, you will see feed your Aadhar number below. Click it.

Step 5- Fill the form

Now you have to enter your Aadhar Card Number, Voter ID Card Number, Mobile Number and Email ID here and click on the submit button. In this way, your Aadhar card will now be linked with your Voter ID card.

Rajkot Update News Link-Aadhaar-With-Voter-List You must have got the idea to link from Rajkot Update News website, you get complete information about it. enough Registered mobile number to link Aadhar card This should be done so that OTP verification can be done and Aadhaar can be easily linked with your Voter ID card.

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